pad printing

Pad Printing

Pad printing is popular in the promotional, industrial/manufacturing, safety, wedding and cosmetic industries.

The process of pad printing uses flexible silicone pads to transfer an inked image from an etched plate onto the surface of a product. Because of the flexibility in the pad, it is possible to print on irregular surfaces.

*Image above shows hockey puck / stress ball pad printing

Advantages of Pad Printing:

  • Printing on a variety of shapes; flat, round, concave, convex, dimpled (ex. Golf Ball)
  • Printing on a variety of substrates; plastic, metal, wood, glass, rubber
  • Highly durable inks produce quality graphics and resolution
  • Capable of printing very fine detail
  • Cost effective for medium-large runs of 1 or 2 colours

(Typical quantities are 500-5000)

Because we print on customer own goods, pricing is done on a quote basis.

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