Challenge Coins

Typically, two-sided Challenge Coins with a crest or logo are usually gold or silver in colour.

“Challenge coins surfaced during the World War II era. The practice of carrying a coin designed specifically for a unit was popular with the Army Special Forces.

Carrying the coin at all times and presenting it when ‘challenged’ to prove affiliation with that unit resulted in a number of consequences for those who could not produce a coin; the most popular required the coinless soldier to buy a round of drinks. That practice continues to be popular today”.

Challenge coin setup charges, including artwork and dies = $150.

Cloisonne lapel pins are available in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Plating, and 2-tone etching.

5 colours are all inclusive in pricing. Plating colour quantities can be varied within the volume purchased.

We do NOT accept hand-written text or verbal orders.

Proof: You will receive an artwork proof prior to the production. We cannot make changes once you approve the artwork proof.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery after art approval.

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