Bulk Printed Pucks

Our Printing process enables us to print any full colour or highly detailed logo or image on game quality hockey pucks.

With the ability to lay down layers of our environmentally friendly U.V. cured inks, your print will always look sharp, clean, and vibrant.

Registration is exact and the white base print is part of the one-time print process, eliminating the need for a white circle base.

The pricing listed below includes vectorizing artwork.

$60 setup fee

Note: Bulk pucks are printed in quantity and are all exactly the same. If you would like differences on any puck

Quantity 1st Side 2nd Side
100 + 4.79 +1.84
300 + 4.63 +1.69
500 + 4.49 +1.55
1000 + 4.35 +1.41
2500 + 4.27 +1.35

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