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Does your company have a requirement for permanent identification on your equipment or do you need hardhats and safety glasses labeled? If you are looking for durable options, our pad printing and Metalphoto® are great solutions. Metalphoto® withstands earth’s many elements including heat, salt spray, sunlight/UV rays, chemicals and abrasion. Ask us about our 3 layer, high resolution Metalphoto® options.

Whatever your requirement, we offer a wide range of industrial printing options.

Each item is customized to your specifications and product. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please call and we will walk you through your options.

NOTE: Set up fees apply. Please see product pages for more details and call for pricing.

Unfamiliar with Metalphoto®?

Metalphoto® is the “go to” option for many commercial, government and military requirements. The photosensitive anodized aluminum maintains its original appearance despite being exposed to challenging environmental and industrial conditions.

Check out our information sheet for more information.

Industrial Printing Options

Metalphoto® Industrial Tags & Plating

Metalphoto® & Metal Signage

Metalphoto® Control Panel Label

Plastic Signage


Engraved Stainless Steel Valve Tags

Name Tags

Nameplates & Holders

Electronic/Industrial Plates

Hard Hat Printing

Safety Glasses Printing

Additional Industrial Products

Additional Industrial Services

We also provide pad printing and screen printing services on customer supplied goods such as electronic face plates and GPS antenna components with heat treated inks that surpass European wear standards.


We know finding a supplier you can trust can be difficult. We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions to make your job easier.

How long does it take to order and receive an industrial product?
We will work with you to meet your delivery requirements. Generally, please expect 5 to 10 working days from art approval if delivery date has not been defined.
What is the most durable, industrial labeling option?
We believe the most durable labeling option is Metalphoto®. It is photosensitive with anodized aluminum plating, designed to withstand earth’s many elements including heat, salt spray, sunlight/UV rays, chemicals and abrasion. It is also guaranteed for 25 years of outdoor service.
What is the Metalphoto process?
The metalphoto process can best be explained in the attached PDF.
Do we need to provide our own safety glasses or hard hats to be printed or do you have a supplier for these?
You are responsible for supplying safety glasses or hard hats to be printed on. We have pad printing, laser, etching and engraving, and digital printing options available.
Do you offer bulk pricing?
We offer pricing by quote for any work requested, which automatically takes into consideration any bulk pricing variables.
Is the engraving warrantied?
We do everything possible to test ink adherence, but ultimately cannot be responsible for ink wear. Most printed items (such as tumblers) are top dishwasher rack safe only.
Do you require a deposit at time of order?
We do not require a deposit for printed items. Payment is due upon pickup or prior to delivery.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Cheque, eTransfer, Mastercard or Visa. Larger invoices should be paid by cheque or eTransfer.
Are you able to print very fine detail on a metal plate?
Our film process for Metalphoto outputs at 2800 dpi, so fine detailed plating is no issue. To give you a better idea of our output quality, consider we can output photographs on metal for memorial plaques.
Still have questions? Contact us directly, we would be happy to help!

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