Nameplates and Holders

Desk or Wall nameplate holders are available in Aluminum 2” x 8” or 2″ x 10″ Gold or Silver.

Wall mounts will have 2-way tape on the back unless noted otherwise.

We offer lasered plastic inserts and full colour digitally printed inserts.

Nameplate inserts are available in 2×8 inches or 2×10 inches of coloured plastic. All the colours available are listed below.

Pricing includes up to 2 lines of text. Please indicate choice of plastic colour upon ordering.

Most full-colour inserts are printed on a white background, however other colours can be printed. We offer full-colour digitally printed nameplates.

We do NOT accept hand-written or verbal orders.

A $60 setup charge applies to any inserts requiring logos (lasered or printed)

Pricing for 2″x8″ Desk & Wall Holders

1 2 – 24 25 – 49 50+
Gold or Silver Desk Name Holder Only
17.50 10.50 8.72 8.40
Lasered Plastic Name Insert 17.50 9.71 8.24 7.35
Full Colour Printed Plastic Name Insert 20.00 11.55 9.45 8.40


Pricing for 2″x10″ Desk & Wall Holders

 Quantity 1 2 – 24 25 – 49 50+
Gold or Silver Desk Name Holder Only
17.50 11.55 10.50 9.24
Lasered Plastic Name Insert 17.50 10.50 9.71 8.93
Full Colour Printed Plastic Name Insert 20.00 12.08 11.03 10.24

Colour of Plastic

Plastic is lasered to expose the “Core” colour, which becomes the colour of the imprint on your name plate.

This tag will be red with white text or logos.

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